Gin "Botanical Garden"

Gin "Botanical Garden"

Our homemade gin

In the new Gin "Botanical Garden" of the Garden Hotels Switzerland there are herbs and flowers growing in the gardens of the hotels. The gin bottles are available in all garden hotels.

From a long list of herbs, roots and flowers, the spirits specialist Arthur Nägele from Rheineck has created the gin recipe. After several test distillates, the "Botanical Garden" Gin was fired by Christian Zürcher from Dinhard. The project manager and host Valentin Bot of the Garden Hotel Kartause Ittingen is very satisfied with the result: "We succeeded in burning a classic gin with a fine juniper note and a fresh, spicy aroma. A great experience for the nose and palate ».

The secret recipe includes the essential foreign ingredients for the gin, only herbs and flowers from the garden hotels - from every hotel garden an ingredient. Coriander, elderflower, lavender, rose petals, wild thyme and much more is in the noble drop. The botanicals, the selected herbs, spices and flowers are added to the diluted pure alcohol and soaked. Some flavors unfold better in the water, others in the alcohol, which is why the pure alcohol is diluted with water. The alcohol is distilled with the Botanicals in copper stills and already the gin can be drunk after a short storage time.

The idea for the gin came from a meeting of garden hotels. Initiator Jörg Deubner is enthusiastic: "With our gin we connect the garden hotels in a very special way. In addition, the gin is a perfect souvenir for our guests. »From now on the gins are available exclusively in the garden hotels.